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Customize Kalabox to onboard faster.

Whether you're a digital agency, hosting provider, or open-source project maintainer, Tandem can customize Kalabox to solve your problems faster and more efficiently.

Solutions to the "Onboarding Problem"

Onboarding can take hours, even days. If you run a development agency, you know the pain of paying contractors for this time. If you’re a hosting provider, you know that inefficient development workflows can lose you sales and hurt user retention. Working with the Kalabox Team, you can create the perfect local development workflow at a fraction of the cost of developing an in-house solution.

For Digital Agencies

Faster Project Onboarding

  • Customize Kalabox to give your team ALL their tools, instantly.
  • Solve a workflow issue for your team.
  • Develop faster, deploy more frequently. Be happier.

For Hosting Providers

Onboard Your Platform's Users Faster with a Kalabox Integration

  • Allow users to download their sites from your platform.
  • Increase onboarding speed and user retention.
  • Powerful tool for trainings, great enterprise feature.

For Project Maintainers

Get More Users and Contributors For Your Application Framework

  • Push-button installation of your framework.
  • Convenient tool for contribution sprints and training.
  • Accessible to a wide-range of users.

Case Study: Pantheon Website Management Platform

Pantheon's users needed a local development solution. By sponsoring an integration via Kalabox, Pantheon was able to give them an invaluable feature for a fraction of the cost of in-house development and maintenance.

  • Easier than in-house development.
  • Deep integration and continued support.
  • Trusted expertise.